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  #167 Resolutions, 2016
Entry 5 of 31
Big Wave Surfer       ©2016 Edward
NIKON D810       5th place, 159 points
1/1250s, f6.3, ISO 450, 550mm, Shutter Priority, Center Weighted Average, no flash
Post-Processing: Lessen exposure; increase clarity; sharpen; adjust curves for light/dark contrast; adjust white balance for warmer appearance.       Extra Info: I live in an area famous for ocean surfing. I love to watch surfers take to the waves and ride like demons. It's been a dream of mine for some time to learn to surf like that. Perhaps I shouldn't attempt to start with big waves like this -- but maybe some day?
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Feb 3, 2016
    Great capture - terrifying wave.

Feb 1, 2016
    Congrats on your top 5 finish. Great timing!

Feb 1, 2016
    rd52: this was taken on the fenced overlook to Steamer's Lane, at the Lighthouse in Santa Cruz. Without getting in the water with the surfers (brrrrrr) this is the best place for photos. Yes, Mavericks is about 45 minutes up the coast, but was not going off the day this was shot (that's only about a 12-14 foot wave!).

Anthony Comyn
Feb 1, 2016
    I really liked this... You got my #1 for this one...

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Feb 1, 2016
    What an amazing wave! I love the light shining through it. The foam looks slightly pinky? it's a shame he wasn't wearing something a bit more colourful. GL.

Feb 1, 2016
    Fantastic wave and surf shot. The colour and light along the top of the wave are mesmerizing. I could watch waves like this all day.

Feb 1, 2016
    Great capture. The mist off the wave is spectacular, and the wave is downright terrifying.

Feb 1, 2016
    Nice pic from the bluff. If you want to make a wave bigger and gnarlier I think it helps to take it from a lower angle. If this picture is taken where I think it was, that's kind of hard.

Probably when you took this picture Mavericks was going off. If you want big waves.....what is it 45 miles up the coast?

Feb 1, 2016
    My sons a surfer he would love this! Great action shot and very well composed.

Jan 31, 2016
    Fantastic sun through the wave.

Jan 31, 2016
    Great angle, nice and sharp and nice colour.

Jan 31, 2016
    pictures like these are great and you don't get wet.
if you do get yourself a helmet and a gopro and get the best of both worlds

Old Finn
Jan 31, 2016
    I would like to see that surfer a bit more to the right and upwards, but I understand, that there was not much time to compose the picture. In my favorites.

Jan 29, 2016
    Dramatic surfing situation - composition might be improved by cropping from the right and bottom to make the surfer less central.

Anthony Comyn
Jan 28, 2016
    Excellently captured surf shot, well done. The back light and water reflections/highlights are captured very nicely...
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By Edward

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