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  #223 Windows
Entry 2 of 19
Glass Block Window       ©2019 Maike13
Sony DSC-RX100M7       2nd place, 145 points
1/59s, f2.8, ISO 100, 24mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Applied noise reduction. Straightened. Adjusted brightness, contrast and levels a bit. Cloned out a distracting black spot on the window frame. Downsized and sharpened.       Extra Info: This glass block window looks out onto a narrow strip of grass, a cedar fence (partially wet from recent rain), and woods behind the fence.
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Nov 5, 2019
    Congratulations on a beautiful shot - It's fascinating how the glass has distorted and mixed the colours.

Nov 5, 2019
    Thanks ysal. I'm sorry I lost your first place fight :-), but I think you got it right. dk's entry was easily my favorite and #1 too.

Nov 5, 2019
    Congratulations on your #2 finish! I think you picked the right angle.

Nov 5, 2019
    Thanks for all the kind comments and votes. I tried numerous different shots of this window, one pane, several panes, square-on, and at various angles, and ended up liking this one the best. This is actually a bathroom window, so no clear view I'm afraid, although the view would be mostly fence anyway, so you're not missing much :-). Around here glass block was popular with house builders for bathroom windows for a while.
Edited on Nov 5, 2019

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Nov 4, 2019
    Such a lovely abstract created by the natural surroundings of the windows. Well spotted and taken.

Nov 3, 2019
    I like this one, good composition and lighting. maybe because its Halloween but the top row look like pumpkin carving of eyes and mouth. in my fav.

Nov 3, 2019
    I love the spooky 'pumpkin' face top left. Good colours. I usually think of these glass blocks for internal partitions. It's somewhat sad you can't see the view properly.

Nov 3, 2019
    Like the colors, contrasts and abstract shapes. If the same effect could be achieved shooting one or just a few blocks square-on, it could be even better.

Nov 1, 2019
    I love this. This is fighting for first place with another entry. Great find and beautifully photographed.

Nov 1, 2019
    A terrific abstract image. IMHO focusing on just one square (i.e., second pane in from the right) might also work well. Great eye. High in my favs.

Oct 31, 2019
    Cool entry - very Halloween appropriate. I love the 'faces' and the pumpkin-like colours.
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By Maike13

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