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  #253 Abstract
Entry 5 of 22
Shades of Black       ©2021 Maike13
Sony DSC-RX100M7       5th place, 132 points
1/160s, f2.8, ISO 100, 24mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Extracted the place mat from the background; Duplicated it and flipped the copy horizontally; Adjusted brightness and contrast; Added black background; Downsized       Extra Info: This is actually a photo of a place mat on our dining room table, illuminated by light shining through the slats of the Venetian blinds on our dining room window. I extracted the place mat from the background, duplicated it, flipped the copy horizontally, and adjusted its size.
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Dec 7, 2021
    Excellent work to create this wonderful effect. Congratulations on a fine finish.

Dec 7, 2021
    Congrats, a very interesting image well done.

Dec 6, 2021
    You'll be sorry you asked :-).
It kind of evolved. I noticed the interesting light and shadows on the place mat one afternoon and took the shot, not quite sure what I wanted to do with it, but thinking I could make it interesting. I then decided to try to create something optically confusing and eventually came up with this. The brain assumes that the mats are rectangular and that the different size of the left and right sides of the top mat is just due to perspective. However it then runs into a problem. The nearest edges of the two mats are the same height which means that, if the mats are rectangular, the mats should also be the same height where they meet (to see this in action, try putting two of your place mats together like this). This confusion is not really experienced consciously but more subconsciously, perhaps as unease, intrigue, or a compulsion to keep viewing, making the shot more interesting. At least that was my plan :-).

Dec 6, 2021
    Bravo for your high finish. Did you intend such a creation when you began the project or did you grow into the idea?

Either way, a great result. My mind was wrestling with the way the shadows fell.

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Dec 6, 2021
    Thanks for all the kind comments.
Edited on Dec 6, 2021

Dec 6, 2021
    This is beautifully composed. It takes a really creative mind to see the potential in a placemat. Well done.

Dec 6, 2021
    This is very beautiful and very abstract. The sharpness and the B&W treatment are very effective. Thank you for the Extra Info, I was wondering how you held 2 placemats in this position!!

Dec 5, 2021
    very good picture. one of my favorites

Dec 5, 2021
    Wonderful B&W abstract with strong shapes and great lighting.

Dec 4, 2021
    This is very cleverly done. I love the editing and the lighting, quite a unique image.

Dec 4, 2021
    Great abstract, very nicely done.

Dec 4, 2021
    great technical work in the PP the shadows work so well with the shape of the mat .

Dec 3, 2021
    Like a lot of abstracts, this works better without the extra info. I do like the result, we have similar place-mats but I missed the idea of using them. Nice result!

Dec 3, 2021
    Nicely conceived and executed - like the composition and tonal contrasts. The shadows add an intriguing effect.

Dec 3, 2021
    very imaginative, well constructed and strangely compelling.
the shadows work really well, as do the textures.
a high favourite.
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